Application for admissions to UPM for recruitment annually is via Online Application coordinated by the Student Entry Management Division, Department of Higher Education Malaysia. 

Applicants may access the Website http://upu.moe.gov.my/ for complete information on the general terms and requirements of the Program and subsequently submit an application via the Online Application after the advertisement on the main local newspaper.

All students are encouraged to participate in planned and scheduled activities (activity calendars) each semester to obtain the amount of merit assigned to be eligible to remain in college for the next session. Please refer to some of the schedules and rules set by the college or university.

Pusat Alumni

Alumni Centre (ACUPM) was first established on 1st January 1999 as was previously known as Alumni Unit and was later upgraded its name to Alumni Centre in January 2002. On the 1st of August 2003, the Alumni Office was given the responsibility of executing any activities that is related to career aspect of UPM's students and was later changed its name to the Career Services and Alumni Centre. As of the 1st of July 2006, the fifth Vice-Chancellor and the management team of UPM agreed upon allowing the Alumni Office to be responsible to conduct programmes to empower UPM through its Alumni and ultimately finalised the name of the Alumni Office to what is currently known as the UPM Alumni Centre. Click here

Coronavirus Virus
Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause disease in animals. Seven, including the new virus, have made the jump to humans but most just cause common cold-like symptoms.
Coronavirus Virus
Global Outreach Programme Kolej 12
Global Outreach Programme Kolej 12
Marijuana bantu rangsang saraf otak mati
Marijuana bantu rangsang saraf otak mati
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COVID-19: Masyarakat prihatin terhadap pelajar yang kekal tinggal dalam kawasan kampus
COVID-19: Masyarakat prihatin terhadap pelajar yang kekal tinggal dalam kawasan kampus
SERDANG, 30 Mac - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) terus berusaha memastikan kebajikan secara menyeluruh iaitu seramai 192 orang pelajar di Kolej Dua Belas, UPM yang tinggal dalam kawasan kampus berikutan lanjutan tempoh Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan sehingga 14 April 2020 dalam usaha kerajaan...


In line with the latest development of the COVID-19 transmission, please be informed that all academic and co-curricular activities will be POSTPONED from 14th March to 5th April 2020 (Extended until the mid-semester break which will begin from 6th to 12th April 2020). This is a preventive measure taken to curb the spread of the virus on Universiti Putra Malaysia campus.

Such activities include all tutorials, practical sessions either in or out of the classrooms as well as all student co-curricular activities organized by any Student Affairs and Alumni (HEPA) entities. Meanwhile, all lectures will be conducted virtually, and students are allowed to participate in the virtual classes from either on or off-campus.

We hope that this information is received by all members of the campus and let us pray that this situation will improve as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Prof. Ts. Dr. M. Iqbal Saripan
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International)                                                      

Prof. Dr. Mohd Roslan Sulaiman
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students Affairs and Alumni)

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) mengambil maklum akan status wabak COVID-19 berdasarkan laporan daripada Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) dan Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO). Ini turut mengambil kira saranan dari KKM berkaitan perhimpunan yang melibatkan orang ramai (mass gathering) bagi mencegah kemungkinan jangkitan COVID-19 berlaku.

Justeru pihak pengurusan UPM mengambil keputusan untuk menangguhkan semua program universiti (persidangan/seminar/bengkel/syarahan awam/syarahan inaugural/kursus/ceramah/forum) termasuk di peringkat PTJ  atau apa-apa aktiviti secara berkumpulan. Takrifan berkumpulan bukan hanya mengambil kira faktor jumlah tetapi ianya dilihat secara keseluruhan iaitu mengambil kira faktor latar belakang peserta, lokasi dan tempoh masa program. Penangguhan ini berkuat-kuasa serta merta sehingga satu tarikh yang akan dimaklumkan kelak kerana mengambil kira keselamatan pegawai UPM dan masyarakat umum.

Warga UPM turut dinasihatkan mengambil langkah pencegahan sebagaimana yang telah dimaklumkan pada hebahan sebelum ini.

Semoga makluman ini mendapat perhatian seluruh warga kampus.

Given the current COVID19 situation in Malaysia, hence UPM will take the following actions related to academic activities for the period of 14 to 22 March 2020:

  1. All lectures will be conducted through virtual classes.
  2. All practical and out of class activities will be postponed.
  3. Students are allowed to participate in the virtual class activities from their hometown

Let us pray that the current situation will improve as soon as possible. Please adhere to the advices given by the Authorities.

Thank you.

Starting 2020 January, complaints regarding damage to college facilities can be filed online.

Therefore, college students can visit the website ekolej.upm.edu.my for complaints without go to the Twelfth College Management Offices.

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FURTHER INFORMATION: http://etender.upm.edu.my

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