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College History

The Twelfth College is one of the 17 residential colleges in Universiti Putra Malaysia. Nevertheless, the Twelfth College is part of the Serumpun College because of its unique position with the three other colleges; The Fourteenth College, the Fifteenth College and the Sixteenth College.

The Twelfth College, Universiti Putra Malaysia was opened in May 2000, along with the opening of the Fourteenth College. Initially, this residential college is open for female students only. However, it opens its gate to male students in later years.

Facility maintenance at the Twelfth College is under the supervision of PJS Development under the B.O.T policy. (Build-Operate-Transfer). This policy states that PJS Development (or better known as PJSD) will open a placement at Universiti Putra Malaysia and will monitor and maintain buildings and facilities for 25 years (starting from 2000). Upon the expiration of the term, PJSD will hand over all of its retirement rights to the university. B.O.T. was an option at the time to minimize the impact of a country that had just hit economic downturn.

However, management of activities are under the supervision of Universiti Putra Malaysia. The Restructuring of the Serumpun College was conducted in late 2006, where blocks and wings were allocated according to the Twelfth College, Fourteenth College, the Fifteenth College and the Sixteenth College. Now, the blocks and wings occupied by the Twelfth College students are:


The L1 Wings Block (A) is for male students (2 for one room)

The L7 Wing Wing (A) is for male students (1 person per room)

The L4 Wings Block (A & B) is for female students (4 persons per room)

The P5 Wings of the Wing (A) is for female students (2 persons per room), and

P6 Wing (A) Block is for female students (1 person per room)


The Twelfth College blocks and wings are painted maroon (red brick) to mark ownership rights among other colleges at Serumpun College.



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